First things first! This is how to buy…

Inspection Appointment:

When Speeedy House Buyers acquires a new property, an inspection date is set for buyers to visit and inspect the home. The inspection date will be provided to you by the sales representative listed at the bottom of the e-mail or may be contacted by calling us at 405-679-3288 or e-mail

Inspection Rules:

Inspection attendees are expected to arrive in a timely manner. The inspection may last about 30 minutes, depending how much time is needed to inspect the property.

In order to keep our process clean and organized, any potential buyer who speaks to the homeowner regarding pricing on this property will be removed permanently from our buyer’s list.

However, questions and comments regarding property repairs and damages are allowed.

Do NOT show up prior to Inspection Starting Time.

Offers and Bidding Process:

When inspection is complete, buyers may submit an offer for the property. Bids must be received by the given deadline shown on the property’s email and the website listing page (24 Hours). In addition, buyers MUST attend inspection for their offer to be considered.

All offers must be submitted via e-mail to Sales@SpeeedyHouseBuyers.comBuyers must include their name (first and last), phone number, email address, and title vesting. Upon offer acceptance, this information is forwarded to escrow. Offer can be PDF or just e-mail text and must contain offer amount and terms requested. We have a standard Purchase & Sale Agreement that we use, no realtor is necessary for this process unless you just prefer one in which case you will need to pay your agent.

Offer Acceptance:

When an offer is accepted, the buyer is notified of their offer’s acceptance and title vesting is verified. Purchase Agreement and wire instructions are sent to the buyer via e-mail earnest money of $1,000 non-refundable EMD is demanded (EMD is refunded if property is not delivered with clear title) to be delivered to the Title Company.

By this point, escrow is already opened and the escrow process should be nearly finished. If EMD is not given to the title company and the Purchase Agreement is not signed by the deadline, Speeedy House Buyers must move on to the next buyer.

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